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    Journal Articles

    Giri, Anil., Peterson, Wes. and Sharma, Sankalp. “The Impact of the Market Facilitation Program on U.S. Soybean, Sorghum and Corn Producers”, Choices, 33(4), 4th Quarter (2018)

    Sharma, Sankalp.,a Giri, Anil., Haque, Tajamul. and Tetteh, Iuliia. “Land Acquisition in India: A Pareto and Kaldor-Hicks Perspective”, Land, 7(2): 66, June. (2018)

    Giri, Anil; Giri, Ram; Nelson, Victoria; Loverkamp, Kyle and Sharma, Sankalp. “Can Nepal attain self-sufficiency in major crops production?”, forthcoming at Journal of Forest and Livelihood, late 2017

    Other articles in

    Sharma, Sankalp and Schoengold, Karina. "Do Hypothetical Choices Indicate True Risk Preferences? A comparison of stated and revealed data on decisions over risky outcomes", Cornhusker Economics, Aug 2016

    Giri, Anil; Lovercamp, Kyle and Sharma, Sankalp. "Unemployment in Ag-dominant States During and in the Aftermath of the Great Recession", Cornhusker Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May (2016):